About Me

Growing up in an environment like the one i was raised in, I realized at a very young age that i wanted to be my own boss. I wanted the freedom of making my own work schedule and being able to decide which days I wanted off just like my parents were able to do.

I remember being in elementary school and seeing my other classmates having to stay in school longer than I did because their parents were not able to get off work in time to pick them up or they would have to catch the hour long bus ride home.

My parents never had to think twice about whether or not they were able to make it to any school event or practice. Because of that, i wanted nothing more than to provide my future family with those kind of luxuries too. While College is my backup plan. Too many students come out of college with massive debt. It is this debt that prevents us from being able to try something new like starting our own business.

Instead of coming out of school broke and in massive debt I plan on coming out on top financially with my business already established and of course my degree as a great secondary plan.

Already, in just a few short weeks I am making money on my own with NowLifestyle. It is a great health and wellness program that has helped thousands of people lose tens of thousands of pounds. I know that the NowLifestyle system prevented me from ever gaining the “Freshman 15” so I’m off to a great start with great habits and a little extra money in my pocket which no doubt will turn into over $10 000 a month..

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